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Multilevel Menus

Menu buttons let users interact with your bot without having to type the commands.

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Get your own web-based admin panel to build and manage your telegram bot easily.

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What is a Telegram bot?

Bots are small applications that run entirely within the Telegram app. Users interact with bots through through text-based commands or buttons.

Bots can answer questions, sell items, and even accept payment from customers.

What Can Bots Do?

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The Telegram Bot Platform hosts more than 10 million bots and is free for both users and developers.
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Telegram Bot Templates

Here are some examples.

Customer Support Chatbot

Create your own chatbots for customer support. Your customers can easily reach out to you or open support tickets. Enable one-on-one live chats with your team, or let customers log their questions or issues effortlessly.

Newsletter Delivery System

Send messages to subscribers instantly or schedule them. Text, pictures, videos, files - you can send anything to your users. There is no limit on the length of the post or number of posts you can send. Send posts to all users, or send them to a specific person. All users will get the post within 5-10 minutes.

Crypto Rewards Airdrop Bot

This bot rewards users with cryptocurrency for referring their friends with a unique invite link. Customize conditions such as rewarding users for opening specific buttons, or set up bonuses claimable on hourly, daily, or custom intervals, and even a bonus to new users when they start the bot for the first time.


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